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Hi all, I purchased [content removed] shown on the link below and sent it to my designer to have him modify the text. He said he couldn’t because he doesn’t have the fonts. It seems odd . Does this make sense to any of you?

I would assume a pre-designed graphic would include such things as the font style so we could easily modify it. Am I missing something here?

[link removed]

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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Envato team

Hi netshop01,

for obvious reasons (based on forum rules regarding advertisement/calling out specific authors) I had to remove your link. However, I suspect that if you’d drop the author a line via his profile-page he’ll reply with the download links for the fonts asap.

Indeed, Authors are not permitted to deliver the fonts unless they are the copyright holders for those assets, but if the font used was one freely available, they have the option of providing the download links within the item description or help file. If this isn’t the case, first option is to contact said author, and if that brings no joy, please open a support ticket here :


Thank you!

That being said, I’m locking this up as it’s confusing without the link / item name.