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hawkmax says

Hey guys, I just started here and as the review team is under staffed and busy I just wanted to make sure if this needs any changes or is it good to go ?



Lemme know

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ToivoMedia says

I like it, but I would add a bit more style and awesomeness to some of the text, especially the “20th March”. I would guess the flyer is in danger of being rejected because it’s too similar to other ones on the marketplace.

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UnknownDepths says


Hmm. I like what I see here and the overall theme. I’ve yet to browse the marketplace for similar items like ToivoMedia has so I can’t be sure if there are many others like it; but he’s got 1414 posts (at this moment) and provides really decent insight so I’d take his word for it.

Something about the “DJ NOISE & DJ RASMUS” font style is bothering me. I don’t like it amidst all of the other design elements of the flyer. I think this may have to deal with it being an outlier in font style because it’s the only sans typeface you’ve used here. All others are sans-serif. I would change it to a sans-serif font, and maybe make it similar in style to the “20th MARCH PARTY CRASHERS PRESENTS” text, as they look to be the same color.

I’m sure you’ll have to change the branding on the bottles unless you have Absolut Vodka’s permission (if you are including them in the main file).

Outside of that I think this thing could really work here; knowing that certain styles of layout and themes similar to yours are more abundant than others in the market place.

The only thing I would suggest playing with is a border. I just envisioned a really interesting effect you may be able to pull off that might enhance the overall aesthetic quality of the design. I can envision a white border that somehow ends up merging into the background at the bottom of the flyer. If this kind of border were placed behind the “wings” of the model area, it would add to the light top and dark bottom color contrast of the flyer. Just an idea to play with.

- Nun Kwon

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hawkmax says


Will try to make a different like UnknownDepths pointed out may be it will look alot different then.


I’d start of with saying Thank You Bro for taking time and giving me an amazing feedback, I have considered all the inputs and will get on with the changes.

And yeah good catch about the absolut vodka thing. I be stupid at times.

The idea of a white border is intriguing as it is a little bit of a challenge and will gladly give it a shot.

Thanks for all your time and valuable feedback bro.

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