(Locked) Your graphics were stolen and are being sold with transferable private label rights!

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I have sent an email to:

EAMejia / Bebel / dadit / The_Chemist

with the website addresses.

And yes, I mentioned the website address in my support ticket too.
why can´t you tell the website?

Because that’s against the rules.

No need to cause a panic here. Piracy is there and will be there. Once you buy a file, you get the source, nothing we can do about it folks.


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No need to cause a panic here.

I think you don’t understand.

The guy is selling them with transferable PLR .

So his buyers (level 2) will sell them with PLR too.

Their buyers (level 3) will do the same.


This guy has a huge list of email addresses (prospects and existing clients) and he’s well known (and “respected”) in the field, so maybe dozens of people are already selling transferable PLR to them now.

If nobody tell them to stop, you’ll find these graphics everywhere in a matter of days, even in the english speaking market, and most probably given away for free, as people in the “Internet marketing” industry (people who sell digital stuff using loooooooong sales pages that promise the moon and deliver next to nothing) do that all the time.


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To be fair there is no real reason for envato to do anything about it, it wont earn them money but will just cost money and time.

It is the authors problem not envatos that how i see it is harsh.

I have had it happen to me when i was providing free 3d models for people to use in mods, alot of these files found there way on the web for sale, what did i do, I stopped making free models for people

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Hi guys!

There should not be reason to panic—this happens occasionally and I’m sure it will be handled by our expert support team quickly. If you’ve reported the issue to support, you can rest assured that we take piracy and breeches like this VERY seriously and our support team has set processes and steps to handle these kinds of issues as swiftly as possible.

Thanks for reporting it, Pakbud! No use letting the bad guys steal and make a profit off our awesome community of designers. :)

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I have found another person who is selling the exact same graphics with PLR .

She’s american (Linda xxx) and is advertising “her” pack on the most popular Internet marketing forum (english language).

I’ll submit another ticket to report her and give the necessary details.

Plus, I’ll email the reference to the designers.


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Envato team

In this digital age, it is a sad and incontrovertible fact that piracy abounds in all walks of multimedia. Envato goes to great lengths to fight this, and makes efforts everyday to protect the commercial interests of its honest users. With this in mind, it is necessary to understand that if you ever become aware of the existence of stolen items, whether they are yours or another author’s, DO NOT use the forum to announce it. This always hurts more than it helps. Despite anyone’s best intentions, such post only create free advertising for the files in question, and that is something we definitely do not want to do. The correct and only way to report piracy is to notify support | There is a dedicated team of people whose job it is to investigate and combat any reported incidence of piracy.

Helpful Information

  • Please read our community guidelines. Self promotion and discussion of piracy is not allowed.
  • Open a support ticket if you would like specific help with your account, deposits or purchases.
  • Item Support by authors is optional and may vary. Please see the Support tab on each item page.

Most of all, enjoy your time here. Thank you for being a valued Envato community member.

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