110 icons pack - transparent png + vector

110 Miscellaneous Icons Pack

Transparent PNG icons.

There are 110 differents icons in this pack. In 5 differents sizes and 9 color backgrounds for each icon. That is, more than 4.500 files.

Icons Included: ascending-bars.png, at.png, balloon.png, battery-empty.png, battery-full.png, battery-low.png, battery.png, beer.png, briefcase.png, calculator.png, camera.png, caution.png, cellphone.png, champion-cup.png, chronometer.png, clock.png, close.png, coins.png, computer.png, configuration.png, conversation.png, credit-card.png, cross.png, cup.png, cutlery.png, descending-bars.png, dollar-decline.png, dollar-upward.png, dollar.png, dumbbell.png, euro-decline.png, euro-upward.png, euro.png, factory.png, fast-forward.png, favorite.png, female.png, film.png, first.png, flag.png, folder.png, forbidden.png, gift.png, good-luck.png, graph-up.png, grid.png, headphone.png, headset.png, heart.png, highlighter.png, home.png, house.png, key.png, last.png, letter.png, light-bulb.png, male.png, man.png, map-pin.png, medical-kit.png, money.png, mouse.png, music-player.png, music.png, mute.png, new-file.png, north.png, padlock.png, paperclip.png, pause.png, pencil.png, phone.png, pin.png, plane.png, play.png, pliers.png, pound-decline.png, pound-upward.png, pound.png, power.png, print.png, question.png, receiver.png, recycle.png, reload.png, rewind.png, shopping-cart.png, smartphone.png, smile.png, sms.png, stars.png, step-forward.png, stop.png, sun.png, t-shirt.png, target.png, tick.png, toolbox.png, trash-basket.png, travel.png, tv.png, volume-high.png, volume-low.png, wine-glass.png, wrench.png, yen-decline.png, yen-upward.png, yen.png, zoom-in.png, zoom-out.png.

The .AI file

Only the .AI file is layered. There are 11 layers: One for the icons, another for the lighting, and nine different layers for color backgrounds.

Change the background color. 1. To change background color, simply toggles visibility between layers.

Change the icon color. Changing the color of the icons is allowed, the easy way to do it is: 1. Block all layers except the icon’s layer. 2. Select the icon you want or Go to Menu Select > all (Ctrl+A) for select all icons. 3. Then Go to Menu Window > Color and select your desired color. 4. Then Go to Menu Window > Swatches, and select your desired color from the pre-made color swatches.

You can use the icons whatever you want: web pages, presentations, apps and even for print jobs (Using the .AI file).

Many Thanks

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