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Is there any way to use just the icons with not the pins? I tough I could use the icons because I already have the pins.

We’re currently working on separate pack with category icons, it’ll be also in all colors.

Thanks mate ;)

Hello, i just by this pack of icons and I have not found the icon with hotel. Can you provide me the icon with hotel?

Sorry my bad, icons in the package are in EPS vector format. You can download PSD files from our website http://www.ait-themes.com

Where exactly I can find this psd? I search your website but I do not find any related file…. can you help me with a link or something? Thank you.

You can download it free or charge from the following url: http://www.ait-themes.com/freebies/directory-free-psd-files/

How do I install them?

You can upload them via WordPress media section.

Hotel icons are not in the free download from your website. It is a design of a home page only. Where do we find/download the missing hotel icon/s?

Thanks for the message. These are the only icons we have so far apart from the icons that are included in the theme.


abatya Purchased

Hi. I have a question that Is this files also PSD file? Because I bought Directory package for 58$ however I can not use the icons it is all of them PSD files and can not open that kind of file from Windows.

So I have to buy this package also. But if this files also PSD file…

Do you have PNG or JPG icons?

Thank you and best regards.


ait Author

Package includes icons also in PNG format.

I ordered the Icon Set with the intention of using them in the “Directory” template for categories and maps. Unfortunately, when trying to change the icon for each category it does not change….. why is this ??


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Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we really appreciate it :) Please kindly post your technical questions on AitThemes Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently.

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Hello, Using media upload for the files individually is inefficient What is the best way to upload all icons to directory in bulk.

never mind I figured this out, you can drag and drop all icons into the media uploader in bulk.. The previous user is correct though that there is no icon for hotel which I also need so will have to use one of the others :( other than that these are great icons for the directory theme so thanks for sharing :)