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Good stuff!

Thank you.

Very nice effects, keep up the great work!

Thanks Mike !

Wow, looks great

:) Thank you

When I try to open the .PSD file I receive an error an I am unable to open it. Can you help me out?

If you have further questions ? Please feel free to contact me through my profile page. I hope I have helped you with this issue. Thank you, for your purchase. :)

Currently I am on CS6 which is through the Adobe Creative Cloud. Did a little research and it seems that CS6 has issues with some files.

That is a disappointing update. I am currently using CS5, do not plan on upgrading., Unless Adobe fixes some of the known issues with CS6.

Do the Rich, Polisch and Chrome effect contain an blended image in it (of a city or street)? or is it just my imagination… If there really is an image in it, does the image come with the .atn as a style?

Hello, These are premium layer styles that utilize all available default blending settings., Any required patterns will be included within the set. This layer styles set also includes actions., Thank you for your interest.

Tnx for you quick reply. So if I buy your item and use the same font, I will get the same result as the POLISH example? (there is no extra postproduction styling involved in your preview?).

There is no post productions styling. Just press play, for actions and styles. If you use the same font, you will then generate the same results. Thanks for interest.