24 high resolution grunge backgrounds

24 High resolution grunge textures and backgrounds – 3375px 2625px at 300dpi – for web and print design

This package features 24 high resolution JPG files including:

- 4 flat base texture files

- 4 background images adding grunge frame, shadows and lighting to the base texture

- 4 black and white extra gritty and distressed background images

- 6 combinations of at least two background images

- 6 samples of coloured background images

You can use all of these out-of-the-box as backgrounds for websites or any print design job.

They are also suitable to add texture to any design element imaginable by using overlay or multiply layer blending.

You can create an unlimited number of variations by layering a different textures/backgrounds using transparencies and adjustment layers. That is how the combination samples were created. This grants you the ability to create anything from very fine grain backgrounds to extremely distressed gritty backgrounds.

Similarly you can achieve an unlimited number of colour variations by using hue/saturation and other colour adjustment tools.

A help file with useful tips and tricks to get the most out of the textures and backgrounds is included.

I hope you enjoy the design. Please don’t forget to rate and/or comment!