This 3D Business Card Holder is a beautiful way to present that perfect business card design.

There are (2) perspective views along with (6) different background colors to choose from.

What you get:

- (6) different colored backgrounds plus plain white background w/ shadows for perspective 1 2000×2000 pixels - (6) different colored backgrounds plus plain white backgroun w/ shadows for perspective 2 2000×2000 pixels - Seperate PNG files for each perspective on transparent background 2000×2000 pixels - Photoshop ACTIONS file to automate the perspective and shadow placement for your custom business card design placement

The beauty of this design is that there are (2) Photoshop actions included with the files that you simply place in your:

C:/Adobe/AdobePhotoshop CS3/Presets/Action folder or anywhere on your drive and simply load through the Actions panel within Photoshop.

There are (2) Actions:

1- BCard_persp1 2- BCard_persp2

To use these action simply open one of the business card 3D designs…

Drag your custom business card on the template (works best with business card at 1088 pixels x 638 pixels 300 DPI or 3.625”x2.125” 300DPI

Have the layer selected of your chosen business card and then select the action BCard_persp1 or BCard_persp2 and then simply drag the card into position! The perspective and shadow are all taken care of for you!

Simply save the image as JPEG or otherwise and away you go!

Feel free to post any questions or otherwise on the design or use!