3D Gold and Silver Generator – Actions

New Generation of ATN Photoshop Actions + ASL styles which are perfect for any kind of your work. This file is prepared from LOW to HIGH resolution 300DPI projects.

3D Gold and Silver Generator – Actions – Features

  • Total of 18 Actions to choose from
  • 9 Actions with Golden 3D and 9 Actions with Silver 3D
  • Works in HIGH resolution 300DPI
  • Choose from 31 different gold or silver styles
  • 3 different depths and 3 different perspecitve angles
  • 2 ATN Files – one with gold actions and one with silver actions
  • 1 ASL File 31 premade styles
  • Styles can be freely customized before You run the Action
  • Shadow of done 3D object or text can be customized easily to your needs
  • Works perfect with any shape or text

3D Gold and Silver Generator – Actions – ZIP includes

  • 2 ATN files with 18 Actions
  • 1 ASL file with 31 styles
  • Read.me file with info and quick guide (doc and pdf)

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