3D Layers

3D Layers

A more presentable way to display your layers! 3D Layers gives you the power to turn your layers into 3D extrusions with just one click.


  • Easy to Use Simply select a layer and play one action to create an extrusion. From there on, you can extend/shorten the extrusion, rotate the angle, add highlights/outlines, etc using actions.
  • Fully Editable Layers All layers are fully editable and nondestructive! This means that you can edit the layers after applying the extrusion action. No layers are flattened!
  • Professional Results In addition to being fully editable, the extrusions are realistic. They work with transparency and have realistic shadows.
  • Action List

    • Step 1 – Add Extrusion
    • Step 1 – Increase Extrusion 10px
    • Step 1 – Decrease Extrusion 10px
    • Step 2 – Reveal Canvas
    • Step 3 – Generate Backgrounds
    • Style – Highlight Extrusion
    • Style – Remove Highlight
    • Style – Outline Extrusion
    • Style – Remove Outline
    • Edit Extrusion Layer Contents
    • Save Extrusion Layer Contents
    • Hide Extrusion
    • Show Extrusion
    • Rotate Extrusion Clockwise
    • Rotate Extrusion Counterclockwise
    • Separate Shadows from Extrusion

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