40 Retro Sun Ray Grunge Backgrounds

This set includes 40 retro sun ray textured backgrounds for your design projects. Use them however you like to give your projects a professional look and feel.

The backgrounds come in two folders, one containing 20 grunge sun ray stripes, the second folder has 20 grunge sun ray jpgs.

The folder also contains a handy psd file with three different lighting effects. One will darken the edges of your background. The others create highlights on the top and middle of your page. You can also experiment by moving the lighting effects around the layout to light different areas. This is especially useful when creating web backgrounds.

The psd file will allow you to add as little or as much grunge as you like. Also, each stripe is on its own layer so that you can easily adjust each one. There is also a colour adjustment level for you to create your own colours, making the pack very versatile for your creative projects.

Experiment by moving the rays around your layout, flip, stretch, scale and rotate!

Files Included

  • PSD File with:
    * 3 lighting effects
    * grunge layer – add as much or as little grunge as you like
    * sun rays layer
    * stripes folder – each on an individual layer for easy editing
    * colour adjustment layer
  • 40 retro backgrounds – 1600px * 1200px
  • read me file

Please note that the laptop graphic isn’t included in the pack. Also, don’t forget to rate if you purchase them! Many thanks in advance – Jo

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