6 Awesome Glass and Frost Styles

6 Awesome Glass and Frost Styles - Photoshop Add-ons

Creating text effects can be a very long and daunting task, so here’s some help if you need glass and frost effects. 6 seriously awesome glass and frost styles to use in your projects. Create frosty typographic artwork, use for your websites, logos and literally anything. Use with any resolution and background.

Very crisp, clean effects. Use for buttons, text, any object or shape in Photoshop that you can think of!

Includes all 6 different styles with two backgrounds for simple preview.


- 6 awesome styles! - Works for slim and bold fonts! - Transparent – stick on any background for see through effect! - Works on dark and bright backgrounds! - Right click the layer, copy the layer style, right click your own text – and paste the layer style, it’s that simple!

In your folder:

- Layered Photoshop file with both dark and bright background. - Help and description file


http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/cooper-black/ http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/bitstream/bernhard-modern/ http://www.fontslog.com/freesetblackc-otf-16882.htm http://www.fontslog.com/bookmanc-demi-otf-9007.htm http://www.fonts.com/FindFonts/detail.htm?pid=242531

Or use with any font you want!

File structure:

- Txt styles folder contains examples of text with the styles - Round Styles folder contains examples of styles used on graphic objects.