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This is a bundle with the complete layouts of two of my magazine series: Shopping Mall Magazine and Women Shopping Catalog. I have grouped all together because they all share the shopping concept.

Fonts used:
For the Shopping Mall Magazines:
Futura Light
Futura Light Italic
Futura Book
Futura Bold
Sansation (Bold, Regular, Light)
Windings – default font
For the Women Shopping Catalog:
Continuum Font Family (Bold, Light, Medium)
Petita font family (Medium, Bold, Light)
Windings – Default Font

Page sizes:
Shopping Mall Magazine: 200×275 mm (7.9×10.8 inches)
Women Shopping Catalog: 170×230 mm (6.7×9 inches)

For the Women Shopping Catalogues, I have provided the front cover as two separate editable files in Photoshop and Illustrator format.

Text and photos are on separate layers. All photos are for preview purposes only and are not included, except few photos from Paris which are personal.

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