8 Clean & Contemporary Paper Mockups

8 Clean & Contemporary Paper Mockups - Print Product Mock-Ups

Present your designs on a clean and contemporary workspace with these eight mockups. These mockups were created with photographs of real objects (not 3D models) and they’re extremely easy to use.


  • Real Photographs (Not 3D Models)
    These mockups look real because they are real! By using real-life stationary sets instead of 3D models, you get the realism that you can only get with photographed mockups.
  • Easy to Use
    Simply double-click on the Smart Object, paste your image, and you’re done! Your image automatically blends with the paper so that no further adjustment is needed.
  • High Resolution
    With an image size of 5000×3333 pixels, you have plenty of room for high-quality prints. This is enough for 16×11 photos at 300 DPI!
  • Works great with Folded Paper Overlays
    Easily add creases and folds by combining this product with our Folded Paper Overlays you can get here: http://graphicriver.net/item/24-folded-paper-overlays/6124279
  • Like the stationary you see? You can get them at www.poppin.com!

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