9 Various Flattened Styles - Text Effects Styles

9 Various Flattened Styles

This zip file contains 7 ASL files with Various Flattened Layer Styles created for using them with text & logos (some of the you can use also to create windows and buttons).

These styles are looking great on both, dark and light backgrounds, and with various fonts. Bold fonts are the best for these styles, but you can achieve nice effects also with thin fonts and other font types. You can easy modify settings of every style to create your own color versions – by changing just the Hue value for assigned effects.

Fonts used in demonstration: Vogue (Bold), Stencil

  • 7 ASL files – 9 Red Styles, 9 Violet Styles, 9 Blue Styles, 9 Green Styles, 9 Yellow Styles, 9 Gray Styles and 9 ColorMix Styles.
  • 7 PSD files (590×1470 px) with all Flattened Styles applied to text (font used: Vogue, Bold, 112 pt).
  • JPG HELP file (1600×2836 px) with quick guide how to apply styles to text in Photoshop.
  • HELP TXT file with additional instructions on how to modify Flattened Styles and adjust them to different font sizes.
  • High quality JPG file with demonstration of 9 Various Flattened Styles

flat flattened plate board styles layer layers text effect effects icon icons bold color colorful color-mix shiny bump red violet blue green yellow gray label bright light modern abstract border multicolored vibrant vivid lively smooth

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