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I really liked the idea.

TaoKing Purchased

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but when I resize the Icon the way you did in your video, I get pixel distortion. I am not resizing anywhere near as large as my original photo. Any tips to improve the resolution?


Hi Sorry to hear your having problems with the widget.

One cause for this may be the cropping phase, if you for example crop somebody’s face in a photo that’s 1000×1000 and the cropped face is only200×200 the maximum you will be able to scale the image up would be 200×200 but if you didn’t crop the image and used it at its full size you would obviously be able to re-size the icon back up to 1000×1000.


Norm – Cazoobi

How do Ii get rid of the background? When I make the icon and import/SSH it into my iPad it displys with the background…so I end up with a tiny icon in the middle of a black background that is sized “in total” as 72×72. I just want the icon itself as 72×72…

Maybe I’m just not getting it? or am doing something wrong (obviously)...but I really want the output as a 72×72 icon not a 72×72 icon with background as my final result/output?

You will notice this is in refernece to the MyWi icon in the middle of my iPad dock href=”http://i45.tinypic.com/23qn36.jpg[/IMG]”>http://i45.tinypic.com/23qn36.jpg[/IMG]


Hi Sorry your having troubles here.

The reason the icon is doing this is because your importing a image that is bigger than 72×72, the Appcon widget produces an icon that 72×72 but places it on a background that is 108×108, the reason for this is so you can continue to work on the icon if needed and you have space to do so.

When importing the icon into one of you xcode projects you will need to do the following first.

Once you created your icon remove the “background” layer, this will leave your icon on a transparent background. now go to your top menu bar and select image/canvas size, from the canvas size menu make sure you have “pixels” selected rather than cm,mm,percent etc and enter 72 in both boxes.

This will now resize your canvas to 72×72 so your icon touches the edges, when you save your icon save as a PNG for better results, PNG fully supports transparent backgrounds and your icon will have a small portion of transparent background in the corners if you save this a a jpeg those little bits will turn white.

hope this helps

if you require any more help just let me know.

Thank you!

That did the trick…should’a figured that one out on my own…Anyway, I really appreciate your quick response/solution!

This is a great little ad-on!


Thats no problem at all,

im going to be making some improvements to the action and adding additional support for the new iphone so check back for updates ,I believe they should be free once you’ve purchased the action.

glad you enjoy the ad-on



Will this action work in Photoshop CS5 ?


Yeah it should do, I haven’t tried it but I cant see any reason why it wouldn’t work.

Let me know how you get on

Excellent job!!

rasthof Purchased

Hi I cant get it to work proberly i CS5 , is it just me?


I havent tested this on cs5 in the description it says cs3-cs4 but Ill try and help, whats happening when you run the action?

rasthof Purchased

PS comes with some mesages:

1. The object “layer “layer 0”” is not currently available. 2. The object “layer “Your Image”” is not currently available. -and the result is not good! :crying:

Thx. Ebbe


Are you loading a fresh jpeg into ps then running the action on that? For the action to work it needs to b a fresh jpeg loaded into ps with no other layers apart from the standard background layer which should have your image on. Select the background image and run the action

rasthof Purchased

ooops, yes its needs a flat image, i works just fine now, thx.!! :-)



No problem :)

mccraca Purchased

If i take a large image and then shrink it down I am losing loads of quality from the original image – is this meant to happen?

mccraca Purchased

Sorry i’ve figured it out now! Forgive my noob comment!

You do know that there is no Tutorial Video link “below” (on your page) don’t you?

do you know if this will this work with photoshop CC ?