BeBeezy - Bee Logo For Your Social Business


BeBeezy – Symbolic Bee Logo For Your Social Community and Cooperative Business

This is a symbolic logo that is perfect for any business that emphasizes on group, social, networking, communication, group activities and friendship. Great for websites, blogs, icons and even on printed media. Also perfect for an app icon.

Everything is done in vector, so it his highly customizable and can be resized without loss of quality.

Colors are in CMYK and it’s very easy to edit. Just click the colored area and pick a color to change them! The full color version of this mark still looks great when printed on smaller media (such as name card and thank you card). One color design is also possible.

Concepts and ideation:

The mark itself is stylized bee symbol. This represents unity, social, networking, group, togetherness, social-communication and hard work.

    Important notes:

  • With this simplistic and modern design, printing this logo with less than 4 colors is okay. Just make sure to go with full CMYK printing.
  • White and bright-colored background is recommended.
  • Font used is Ubuntu Bold. It can be downloaded here. You can use any other sans serif fonts as well.

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