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Very well done!

It’s the best design I’ve seen! I love it, thank you! :)

Very easy to modify, and well documented! Just picked up my cards from the printer, and they look great!

WOW thats such a coincidence this design looks almost EXACTLY like the branding i created for my company, kinda flattering i guess..people copying your artwork and passing it off as there own, though you do know all of the comment’s you have received so far you haven’t actually earned right? its because of people like you that make it impossible for REAL artists like myself to upload and share our stuff.


and if its a matter of checking who is the dishonest one here simply look at the upload dates, mines being June 5 2009 and yours June 9th, hmmmmmmm

Love this business card :) nice work

nice work (y)

Great Work!

Hello, Is it possible to insert different words below the phone number instead the name of the company ? Tks


You just edit the text and enter your words or you can delete that layer and add your own text layer.

Best regards