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like this …


Thanks Gluckxxx

Hi, I`m baying yours generator hmm do you heave video tutorial how I making this effects ? If you heave link on you tube or samething its grate thank you Marcin marcinsipowicz@gmail.com

pleace answer me


Hi marcinsipowicz,

Thank you very much for your purchase. There is no video tutorial on how to use the generators; but you will find in the PDF help file an easy step by step tutorial (it is really easy to use it). :)

Basically, you just need to:

1) Load the assets into Photoshop (ATN, ABR, ASL)

2) Click play on Photoshop and, when prompet, paste your figure.

3) Choose the style you want for your figure and hit play again.

Best regards,

Great work! Easy to use and simple instruction TY


Thank you very much; i am really glad you like it.

This item really saved my bacon! I was searching for a unified way to show some third-party images within the context of my cafe theme and when it hit me to show things on a chalkboard menu I turned to Envato and bam, this is beautiful! I have been able to take small (64px) in-game assets, blow them up and then apply these styles for terrific results.

I did want to make a request however, could we get a second generator for a black chalkboard? The chalk effects still work great against other backgrounds but being able to have the border and lighting effects would be easier but green doesn’t really fit the theme of a bistro street menu.

Excellent work looking forward to more items from this author!


Thank you for your purchase and review Chris, i really appreciate it.

There is a way around that you can get the black background you need so you do not have to wait for an update. Just follow these steps, and you will have a black chalkboard:

1- Once you finish the background and figure, click over the “Board” layer in order to select it.

2- Set the foreground color to #484444 (or any other black tone you like, but not too dark)

3- Grab the “Paint Bucket Tool” (G) and click over the green area of the chalkboard.

That will change your chalkboard from green to black and keep all the effects. :)

Best regards,


Thanks so much for the advice and quick response I will definitely try that.

I found the effects weren’t working right if I used a different chalkboard background so as a temporary solution I generated one with the action, pasted in and performed the effect on my image, then duplicated the two layers onto the background I wanted lol

While I haven’t had time to update all parts of the site you can see how great the effect worked here:


Click any of the sub items to sse the different color effects and notice that I’m using blow-ups of those very tiny images and it looks great in my opinion!


Wow! it looks nice indeed. :)

I did not know about this use for this action … nice work!

what type of program does this need?


Hello imegatron,

Sorry for the late reply, but i have been out on vacations. You just need Photoshop CS3 or above. :)

Hi, Help! I can only get an outline of the chalk on the items. How can I get it to fill the object. I think you need more detailed instructions.


Hi Sand7799,

Sorry for the late reply, but i have been out on vacations.

To get a filled object, you just need to select the correct style action you want for the object: style 1, 2, 4 or 5 will make your object filled. :)