Cigarette Packs Mockup - Miscellaneous Packaging

Advertise your product or start your antismoking campaign in a professional and appealing way using this photorealistic, fully customizable Cigarette Packs mock up. The main zip contains 1 high res .psd file 4000×3500 and a .pdf with instructions. The .psd file is organized in groups and layers carefully named to provide easy customization.


1) Smart objects: Apply your firm labels on the cigarette packs with a few clicks.

2) Groups and layers: Each object of the composition is on a different layer and is grouped along with its shadows and the reflections on its surface.

3) Adjustable objects shadows: Play with the shadows through the objects layer blending options to correspond to your desire.

4) Adjustable objects reflectivity: Make the reflections on the objects surface crispy or blurry via smart filters or remove them completely by hiding their layers.

5) Multilayered background: The background consists of a ground surface on which the objects are placed and a background image.

6) Adjustable ground surface reflectivity: Make the object reflections on the ground surface crispy or blurry via smart filters or remove them completely by hiding their layers.

7) Adjustable ground surface: You can easily change the ground surface color and depth of field or replace it with your own automatically finding the correct perspective via vanishing point filter

8 ) Adjustable background image: You can adjust the background’ s depth of field via smart filters or you can replace it with an image you like

Note: The objects can’t be upscaled because they are bitmaps. Their high resolution (4000×3500) though will cover most of your needs

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