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Clean Widgets Designs For High-Content Sites

Clean Widgets Designs For High-Content Sites

Have a news, community, or blog website with loads of content? Looking for a way for your users to easily access what they content they are looking for? These functional widget designs provide maximum content access with minimum space, and are flexible accommodating nearly any design. Users can shuffle through dozens of articles or photos with having to scroll.

Want them to see more articles from the get go? No problem, these widgets look great at any height and are made with shapes so they are easy to modify. They are also conveniently sized at 301px to fit in your websites sidebar above and below advertisements. Additionally they include Collapsible and Expandable states, which any Wordpress user knows are a huge time and space saver!

Included In The File:

9 Widgets:

  • Category Tab Widget
  • Category Slider Widget
  • Poll Widget
  • Contact Widget
  • Image Shuffler Widget
  • Single Image Shuffler Widget
  • Event Calendar Widget
  • Vertical Article Shuffler Widget
  • Single Article Shuffler Widget
6 Colors:
  • Blue
  • Soft Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Green
  • Red
  • Black

Very Organized Layers Boxes are made as shapes so they are easily expandable

If this file is well received I will be sure to include an HTML /CSS version and update the file. Instructions for modifying the colors