Coffee Beans Magic - Miscellaneous Textures / Fills / Patterns

The package contains 12 seamless coffee beans patterns in different colors. PSD file is layered with all patterns and on top is hue/saturation layer for custom shades.

- 12 JPG patterns  800 x 800px / 72ppi
- 12 JPG backgrounds 1920 x 1200px / 72ppi
- 1 PAT file with 12 patterns 800 x 800px 
- 1 PSD file 800 x 800px for custom shades
- Help files

Open Photoshop then click on PAT file named “12 Coffee beans patterns “, that is in the unzipped downloaded folder. After that you’ll be returned to Photoshop, then open from menu Preset Manager > Patterns Preset – the new patterns are already at the bottom of the Patterns Preset. Open the second help file to read how to install patterns in different way. Open PSD file and double click on CUSTOM*Hue/Saturation layer to change the shades.

You can use this package in your own design, in web sites, backgrounds, textures, posters, flyers, cards, booklets, brochures, artworks, blogs, any kind of presentations & promotions, screensaver, wallpapers.

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