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Very nice and professional design pack! Well done!


I’m glad you like it daijiaoking! Thank for your kind words! :)

I bought this design: I ask you to use PSD (CS?) that can edit as you like I am content to do without PSD CS

Thank you


Hy diephay! If you bought this Corporate mock-up, we should see a little badge “Purchased” next to your name. Actually I don’t understand what you wanted to write. Please add more details. Thanks

I’ve downloaded the files, but I’m a little confused about the file layer arrangement. I have looked at the tutorial files, but the working file I downloaded did not appear the same as in the tutorial files. The stationary_items4_top_left_right_6000.psd file doesn’t have three layers. It appears to me that the first two layers were merged or one of the perspectives is missing. These are the two layers:

objects_left&right_perspective objects_top_view

Below these two layers is the “background” folder.

I wonder if the stationary_items4_top_left_right_6000.psd file is not correct, or maybe I have misunderstood the tutorial files.

Thanks, Mike


Doh! Nevermind. I found the three perspectives one layer down from the top level layer. I figured it out. I love this package, btw. Awesome job!!!


Hy mikespears, I’m glad that everything is alright. Thanks for the kind words, and have fun with it! :)

I see that someone asked if the color of the pencils, pens, and other collateral can be changed, but you emailed him an answer. I would really like to know the answer as well! :D

Thank you!



Hy Kandijeanne, Unfortunately this pack was created with this black & white color only. I’ve created an update, where you can change the color of the pencil and the pendrive.

If you want to I can send you this update. Please send me an e-mail (on my profile page) and I will send you the download link.


Hi, what’d it mean “item may not be property released?”

Hy KBenakole,
thank you for the purchase, here you can get more information about it:

Cool Design But what is the program used to design process


Hy aloufq,
this is a mock-up for Adobe Photoshop CS3+
if you have more questions feel free to ask :)