Diamond Pattern Shapes - Miscellaneous Textures / Fills / Patterns
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Add More Interaction to Web Inter Face!

Different Usages Patterns & Shapes – Include 3 Styles 2 Color Variations. Full Vector Photoshop gradients easy color changes. Shapes Size simply resizes.

Key features:

  1. 100% Pure Vector Shapes
  2. Easily adjusted color to your needs.
  3. All layers are organized into groups
  4. By the well-organized file and layer structure that is simple and allows editing of files quickly.
  5. easy customization (just Scale your needs).
  6. Opens with Photoshop cs3 or higher cs3 +
  7. Attached Preview Screenshots.
  8. Resolution 72px + 300 Any size
  9. 3 Styles 2 Colors