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Dimensions 3D Generator Action is available for Photoshop CS5 and under only

The Photoshop Action ‘Dimensions’, helps you to generate whatever you want (text, image, shape, etc,) in 3D.

Dimensions on Video

Watch 'Dimensions' in action

Dimensions’ Features

  • Variety of directions: 9 directions ready to use.
  • Different Depths: 10 depths ready to use.
  • Shadows: 2 types of shadows are available. Multidirectional shadow and Underneath shadow.
  • Easy to change: The changes could be done by ‘Smart Object’ and the light by ‘Global Light’ box.
  • Works with everything: Any color, text, shape, image, no matter what it is, ‘Dimensions’ works with everything.
  • Includes basic styles: Basic Style, Part Shadow Style, Front Metalic Style, Background Metalic Style, Black Background Style, Glossy Style.

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