DogsDayOut - Illustrative Mark for Dog & Pet Biz


DogsDayOut – Illustrative mark for dog and pet related business

This fun, illustrative mark design is perfect if you have a dog or pet related business. Great for websites, icons and even on printed media. This pack includes the full color version as well as several print-friendly versions (flat color styles with minimum gradient effects).

Everything is done in vector, so it his highly customizable and can be resized without loss of quality.

Many different layouts and orientations are possible with this design. You can move the individual elements to suit your taste (some alternative layouts are already included).

Colors are in CMYK and the necessary color codes are inside the document. The full color version of this mark still looks great when printed on smaller media (such as name card and thank you card).

Concepts and ideation:

Visualizing a happy dog running at a green meadow, chasing a butterfly. Main elements are aligned diagonally from lower left to top right to reflect positivity. Colors are bright and fun, emphasizing on the warm and friendly factor.

    Important notes:

  • Although possible, printing this mark with less than 3 colors are not recommended as this one is very illustrative in style. When in doubt, always go with full CMYK printing.
  • This mark consists of gradient and transparency effects, so please make sure your Adobe version is CS and above.
  • White and bright-colored background is recommended.
  • Font used are from Myriad Pro family, but this mark will go well with most sans-serif, bold style fonts.

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