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Oh My God!!!!!!

Thank you for doing my request Scorpy! These are just what I wanted. You’re the only guy on here who actually seems to produce stuff that I want :)

I’ll buy these in a few days, until then.. keep up the good work! ;) Will have more custom work for you too :P

very good , l will get this soon but would be nice with right banner sizes like 125, 250, 300.


another version is coming soon.

great work


thanks bro

announcement : i am going to release a second version of this set next soon.

Bought! ;) I miss you Scorpy!


hi lovecore,

how are you?

i was busy for some other stuffs, but i will be back soon

I’m good thanks :) I was really happy to wake up this morning to find some custom designs from you in my inbox! They are superb! Thank you.

GR misses you! :D


hi lovecore.

it took a little longer but i have implemented this on http://graphicriver.net/item/santa-banner-pack/57774.

hope you will find them ok.

thank you.


The new banner set (Christmas) is even better! They are beautiful, catchy, clean, sharp and most of all, fun!

This time you got all the banner sizes right – making it a real quality find on Graphic River! Good luck on the sales to the run up til Christmas.

“Tis’ the season to be jolly, la la la la la la la la laaaa…” :P