Dynamic Styles For TextCode In InDesign


See the only 1 minute demo video

What you get

Dynamic Styles For TextCode In InDesign allows you to save time when you are designating printed material in which you speak and show HTML or CSS code.

With one click, your code is automatically formatted as if you were typing in a code editor. It has been specially designed for those who want to publish code in print: web magazine, tutorial, CV, book or anything else.

You do not need to style each element of your code. With the GREP detection, InDesign automatically recognizes tags, attributes, color codes, values, links, etc.. and attribute the right color.

Two styles with two set of colors are available: BLACKROOM and CLASSIC.

Change the font in one click, edit the colors really simply.

The download zip also contains a 14-page manual to help you familiarize yourself with the tool.

No need for additional plugin.


  • .indt file (InDesign CS5 or +)
  • .indd file (InDesign CS4)
  • a 14-page manual