Ecology Friendly Organic Vector Design Elements

Ecology Friendly Organic Vector Design Elements are 100% original vector signs, that were created to highlight the organic, vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. All texts are editable!

How do we, ordinary people, can help the Planet?

1. Try to save water, electricity, gas in our common life.
2. More walking and cycling (rather then using car).
3. Use recycling stuff, organic goods.
4. Explain the situation to friends and neighbors and try to organize green movement in your city.
Hope our Green Poster Pack will help to attract attention to the ecology problem of nowadays.


Ecology meetings and gatherings, vegetarian and vegan events, eco friendly music festivals, seminars and workshops about recycling and ecology lifestyle. You can use our elements on the food packs, t-shirt, bags, advertisement materials or to use them as web icons.

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