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This is a a bundle with the items from my Lifestyle and Events Magazine series. Due to the fact that each item is different, I didn’t make a unified InDesign file so the archive contains three separate flles.
There are different sections corresponding to various topics this type of magazine will cover: Movies, Music, Nightlife, Food, etc, which are easily customizable for your particular needs.
Fonts Used:
Liberation Serif (Regular, Bold, Italic)
Franklin Gothic Book Italic
Franklin Gothic Demi
Franklin Gothic Book
Franklin Gothic Heavy
Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed Italic
Franklin Gothic Book Condensed Italic

Page size is 206×273 mm (8.11×10.75 inches)
Text and photos are placed on separate layers
Some of the photos are personal therefore are provided.

I have used several Photo Dune photos for which you may find the links here:

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Items on This Bundle