Update: Facebook changed the profile size and location. These files have been updated to reflect those changes. Please re-download if you have not already. The new profile size is 160×160 in the timeline cover, but the “profile box.psd” is 180×180 because Facebook requires that size to be uploaded, then they auto resize it to 160×160.

Also, these are designed for timeline covers, the Facebook fan pages are different in size so some of these designs that have the profile picture lining up with other images will be off if you use it for a fan page. But dont worry, all it takes is a quick adjustment in Photoshop and I can walk you thrpugh it. Please keep that in mind before rating the file. Thanks!

Facebook Timeline Covers | Volume 13

Facebook has a great new feature called Timeline! It allows you display a nice banner sized image at the top of your profile. This package includes 10 unique Facebook Timeline Cover designed in Photoshop. Well organized layer sets makes it easy to edit. Fully customizable and very easy to update. All fonts used are available for download, nice and easy! These are perfect for photographers and anyone who loves photo collages.


- Fully Layered Adobe Photoshop .PSD files
- 10 unique designs
- 850px x 315px
- Includes separate Profile Box for name customization
- Includes new profile picture size and location (see link below)
- Free Fonts used, download links are in the “read me” file.
- Photos in the preview image are used for display purposes and are not included.

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