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What a great idea! :) Good luck

thank you Stylius.. Good luck to you to :)

Can be made ??transparent favicons?


of course :)

Another very useful action! Good work!

tscott3 Purchased

Very disappointed, the actions are very confusing and very convoluted in there structure. Given that the starting point should be an existing image, why all the file open and close, copy and paste stuff. I really regret this purchase!!

lk82563 Purchased

I was able to run your addon to create the tiny favicon – but only in its size. I could save it as a .png file or a .psd but I do not know now to save it as an .ico and if I try just to change the extension, it’s not recognizable and considered corrupt.

What am I missing to save it as an icon?

Thanks for a great time saver. Easy to use with nice final results. Many thanks!

lk82563 you just need to change the extension to ico by deleting the .psd manually typing in the .ico when you are saving the file. Hope this helps.