Fine Type Poster (update 1.1) is a sleek and contemporary poster with a design based off of the common yet powerful rules of typography, using a monochrome colour scheme. Fine Type Poster is perfect for using on print mediums to advertise an event, company, product or service, and stands out due it’s high contrast colours.

Pre-set type include text boxes for event/business description, contact info, date, title space, and multiple image masks.

File Details:

The letter size file includes a 0.0625 inch bleed on each side, and is in CMYK colour. The file has been designed in multiple layers to allow for easy and quick customization.

The EPS files are separated individually per spread.

Fonts Used (not included):

  • Helvetica Neue (Bold and Regular)

Files Included:

  • Adobe Illustrator Files (.AI)
  • Adobe EPS file (for use amongst many vector illustrations programs)
  • Adobe Photoshop File (.PSD)
  • NEW : Adobe InDesign File (.indd)

By Quedge Design

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