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Amazing pack! Thx!

Solved all my problems by resizing the master to 550 width and containing aspect ratio!

Simple solution – looks awesome!

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Hi, I just bought in Graphic River website your 3D Flag creator, but when I try to create my own flag it ask me for a displacement map which is not included in the file I have downloaded. Another thing, I need this at 300 dpi, so I changed it, but when I put any flag, even as vector smart object, the pixel brakes. How can I fix this?

alexgab Purchased

1) There’s a link on GraphicRiver to a Fix. There, it appears a download button to get the file, but they send me to a wordpress website. I asume I can use a “whatever” PSD file as a displacement map.

2) What about the resizing the file? When resized the file to 300 dpi, the pixels breaks, even though the file is a vector file. Don’t fix this, just let me known how can I fix this.

Yes, I get the same errors in CS55 – No Displacement Map included in the download – It’s not really needed is it?

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I have an other problem using CS6. When I change the mastercontent, only create the new flag at Low Wavy Style. When I change again the master content, then change now the High way style, and if I do it for a thirth time, it change in the rest of the flags like ir should be. So, for every flag I need to change the master content 3 times. Is that an error or what, because is not very user friendly. I wait for help. Thank you.


I checked this item in PS 6.0 both on mac and pc. Couldn’t find any problem. I recommend re-downloading this item as a fresh item. Apart from that once you change Master layer and hit “save” it will prompt a window asking you to locate 2 files. Please choose “1.psd” and then “2.psd” and click OK. All changes must be applied.

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I’m using this file in Photoshop CS6 and it doesn’t work. I get an error when I try to edit the ‘master’ layer:


When using it in CS4, it works fine! Can you help me?

Kind regards


I get the same error as the guy above on CC, can you fix please?


can you please clarify what version of PS you are working with?

I get the same error as the two other guys above on CC, can you fix please?


Hi. file is updated so please update your file. and follow the screen cast here: http://youtu.be/DJxrgw2S2G0

Hi!how i can rechange the size?


once you have your smart object updated go back to the main file and transform. Is this helpful?

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I still have issues after following your screen cast. Im getting error: “Couldnt not update smart object files because the file is empty”.

How can I avoid this?

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Same issue as everyone else. “Could not update smart object files because the file is empty”.

Using CS6 on Windows 8.1

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I have this error too! “Could not update smart object files because the file is empty”.

Photoshop CC Win7×64

I spent 1 hour, but didn’t make it! Then i click Save, i see this error: Could not update smart object files because the file is empty.

How i can use your item?


is it possible to send me your corrupted files so that I can take a look? Please email to: info[at]artbees[dot]net

mig-z Purchased



Unfortunately I did not received any emails from you. Would you please recheck address with the one in our profile page?


same error here

when i save on photoshop cc, bam i’ve hot this message : “Could not update smart object files because the file is empty”.

i’m using Photoshop CC Win7×64

please update your file to make it work



Hi cgirolet,

I am sorry for any inconveniences. But we did mention that this item is not functioning properly in PS CC. Minimum Adobe CS Version is CS5. You can try a different version or you can possibly make a refund.


sorry to say that but how to obtain a refund then ?

You need to contact envato support at here: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit

You need to mention that your software version is not supported.

Does this work in CS6?


Answer please!


Hi there, Sorry for late reply. Unfortunately this item is not compatible or partially compatible with CS6. But thanks anyway for stopping by. :)

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I purchased Flag creator . I have the same problem as many users – high wavy and low wavy shadow. I can not get your fix because link does not work. I use Photoshop CS5.