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Wow, Awesome stuff here! I recognize a lot of them :D

Charlie Chaplin FTW !

I´m overwhelmed! Excellent!

haha fantastic job mate, love it :D

This is Fab!! Nice work :)

WoW! Very cool and interesting! :D

Thanks all :D

Massive, you ripped so many copyrights! ;-) Great!

ehehe! Wow…. Nice Work!

I like the last phrase on the bottom, hahaa

good job !

These are so cool!:)

Hilarious!!! Good work :D

Thank you :)

is volume 2 in the pipeline? these are perfect for me and I WANT MORE !!!!!!!

well done


Thanks! Yes, Vol. 2 is in queue, but it may take time until I finish it (and there will be one more different Flobbies! set before that). Cheers! :)

Great set, I love all of them and would like to talk you about getting all 3 Flobbies sets. Is there any kind of discount price for getting all 190 Flobbies all at once?


Thanks!! :) Sorry, but for now those three sets are sold only like this, separately. If positive feedback continues I will make more Flobbies and then combine into mega pack, but that will not be soon anyway.

Please release your next design. Simply amazing!