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Great work!


Thanks ArikB, Glad you like it:)



Thanks stehan!

It is powerful. good job.


Appreciate it goldenbug :)

amazing as usual mate, good luck


Thanks Dalemo

Looks funtastik!



Wow! This is as good as your last one, you’re a really talented designer!

I love your work, keep it up! :)


Thanks Shaktal, Ill keep trying :)

you are an incredible designer!!

love all your work!! just one tought: you should bring some posters not only related to the music industry. Your style is outstanding!


Great, thanks ZonadeArte, This is what I need, feedback from people telling me what they want to see more of, or where there is a lack of. I really just go with the flow :)

Appreciate your comments

this is so cool!


Thanks alot :)

Well done! It’s just fantastic. :)


Thanks artbees, appreciate your support :)

Hello …. I am looking to create a soccer club website. Www.internationalfantasysoccer.com

Hopefully With your help to create parts or all..or advice??

 Looking. For a black background. W. Some pop.   I like various things of the following elements 

Love. .... http://videohive.net/item/fiery-promo/108031 (Would like to replace words with. Glory, passion, dare to dream, pride, ur future begins today , welcome to my world!!! Futbol.  And  add some famous soccer player images in background and add a logo at the end)  http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F%3Fv%3DgOUNdEvI4iM&v=gOUNdEvI4iM&gl=US#/results?q=hotspacelove

 like this flash intro but w soccer players instead of skateboarders http://www.ozzu.com/designs/flash_intro_templates/keyword/skateboarding/ 

I like. A gold soccer ball w fire flames.  for a logo http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-47650414/stock-photo-hot-soccer-ball-on-the-speed-in-fires-flame.html  .........and this effect…. http://m.youtube.com/?dc=organic&source=mog&hl=en#/watch?xl=xl_blazer&v=TlAUi0zzCek

Love the energy. Music and feel of nightclub templates 

Like theme using some fire elements 

An apparel store…..something like http://sport.ngin.com/page/show/187635-apparel-store


 add soccer camps. 

some features I can think of are…    – ability to add teams and player for club pages    – blog    – picture gallery. Yes. Artistic fantasy pics plus in addition some sort of rotating banner. Of all the famous players    – video gallery. Yes.  Would like to also add. You tube videos of various soccer skills to learn from

- prefer a content management system?  can go to a single webpage and manage everything in website.  

I never had a site before so I’m new to this. And what it entails but I. Put what I could think of. To give a visual. Appreciate any feedback. And comments. 

1) www.eteamz.com 2) www.leagueathletics.com 3) www.teampages.com 4) www.ngin.com

Free items… http://www.flashxml.net/

Use some soccer wallpapers rotating banner

i see free download for this flyer from a warez website