Fun And Flat Retro Style Icon Set For Any Purpose

Fun And Flat Retro Icon Set For Any Purpose

Do you need a fun icon set for your graphic, web design or digital presentation project? Do you need a flat-style icon set with more sophisticated touch with more details rather than just 1 or 2-color themed icon sets? Well, look no more! This one is perfect for you!

This icon set comes exclusively in PSD format only, with these GREAT features:
  1. 50 multi-purpose, general theme icons
  2. Comes in 2 ready-made fun retro themes: Standard and 70’s Retro Robot Toy themes
  3. Unlimited color combinations to create your own icon theme
  4. More than 5 editable color layers per icon. Yes, you can even edit the shadow and highlights!
  5. Available in 3 different sizes: (512×512)px, (114×114)px and (48×48)px, each in different PSD file
  6. Neatly layered and well organized for easier editing

    Important notes:

  • A minimum of Adobe version CS is required due to the transparency effects used.
  • Because the extensive nature of this pack, a good PC with a decent GPU is recommended.
  • If you’re handy and familiar with Adobe Photoshop, there are literally thousands of different color combinations possible for each icon. All main objects and shapes are grouped together for easier mix-and-matching.
  • Future updates might be available depending on market demands or buyers’ requests. No exact time line though.

Feel free to give me your feedback and comments to improve this project. If you like this item, I would really appreciate a good rating. Have fun with this icon set!