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Beautiful! Good luck with sale Mike :)

Great Bundle, always nice items!

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Nice Bundle, 5* ;)

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Thank You ;)

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Have you seen the finger nails!? Perfection in detail! 5*


Thank You!

is the PSD layered where the hand and phone are isolated from the background? I’d like to add my own backgrounds to the images….


I am asking is the hand and device, separate from the background? That’s my question ^



Hello. I can use this article to create a header for the sale of a site? How customer can change the image inside the iPhone?

I don’t want to give the PSD file with layers, just a PSD file with two layers, the iphone picture and the picture of the inside of the iPhone. Is this okay?

Thank you.


NOTE: The online samples images belong to their respective owners and are only used for demo purposes.


This is the reply that I made ??the seller:

CoralixThemes AUTHOR 1 day ago Flag Hello miamidollars! The Iphone is an image, you have to open it with Photoshop and replace it.

Then. I can use the image for my templates on Themeforest with regular license? Sorry for being heavy. But because of my English do not understand the licensing page.


With Extended License You can “Use in an end product that’s sold (more than one end user allowed)” So, maybe CoralixThemes bought it.

”@miamidollars Then. How is it possible that designers are using it in their designs to sell? http://themeforest.net/item/minimal-book-app-responsive-landing-page-templ/5482738 Sorry for my English.”

First of all you dont know what is included in our item because you didn´t buy our Template.
To get support and to understand how to edit our psd you first need to buy our template because we dont work for free.
After you buy our template you will see what we have include there…. As we told you to edit the ipad with the hand you need to buy the resource.
If you need more information you can read our FAQ: http://themeforest.net/item/minimal-book-app-responsive-landing-page-templ/5482738/faqs/17700

You need an white ipad with a hand as we have in the demo? It is simple: buy it here for $12 and if you need an Extended License then buy it for $180.
If you have more questions about the How Licenses work you should contact Envato.

I will tell you the same in spanish just in case you dont understand english, because I want to be sure you UNDERSTAND:
Primero que nada es imposible que sepas lo que esta incluido en nuestro Template porque no lo has comprado, hemos visto tu consulta en los comentarios de Minimal y no has comprado el item aún… eso nos da a entender que de algun lado lo has “tomado”...
Para que nosotros te demos suporte o asistencia primero debes comprar el item, de lo contrario no tendrás soporte alguno.
Luego de que compres nuestro item verás lo que contiene. Y verás que no es posible editar o agregar contenido en el Ipad. Ese es un recurso que se vende aparte justo aquí. Si necesitas más información al respecto puedes leer nuestras preguntas frecuentes, donde decimos que las imagenes no estan incluidas y son meras referencias.
Necesitas un ipad con una mano exactamente igual al que nosotros tenemos? Es simple, lo compras aqui a $12 y si necesitas una licencia extendida (Extended License) para revender ese psd en un desarrollo o utilizarlo infinitas veces entonces lo compras a $180

De todas formas muchas gracias por tu tiempo.

Sorry but you should have made it with a bigger DPI, because if you want to show a detail in your UI, it’s impossible.


Thanks for purchasing one of my item. I’ll take your advise in consideration!

Excellent work, bro!


Thank You Sergey! :whistle:

This bundle is extremely misleading. Rather than a bundle of all the images in both groups there are only 3 images. I feel ripped off.



Thanks buddy that reassured. I thought that the layers are stuck together with time :) Thank you bought my product, I hope you’ll like it.


This is done for convenience, so you do not have time and again to insert and insert image into a smart object.