Hello Card - Creative Business Cards

Customizable Modern (and polite) business cards. Greet everyone in almost 50 languages (including Esperanto ;) ).

This card’s front is designed to instantly grab the customer’s attention and set a good communication tone. The back presents your personal data in an organized fashion with icons to quickly guide the customers eye. You won’t go unnoticed or lost in a Rolodex with this card.


This card was designed with customization in mind. Easily change the background color scheme just by modifying one layer. Or the picture frame in the back with another. You make it more personal by adding your photo in the back, or you can also choose not to and easily hide the picture frame. The help file guides you step by step.


9×5 cm (3.5×2 inches) Business card: print-ready, CMYK , 300DPI with a 5mm (0.2 inches) bleed area. Includes guides and a layer at the top to temporarily cover the bleed area (so you can easily see it as it will look when cut). To show/hide the guides hit ctrl+h in Windows, or command+h in Mac. Includes:
  • 12 Color variations included.
  • An alternative front with darker text that you can use with lighter colored backgrounds.
  • Includes Help file with detailed instructions.

Each file is layered, grouped and named. Text is completely editable and also included as shape layers (in case you don’t have the international fonts).


Based on the Calibri font which is included in Microsoft Office 2007, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you don’t have it you can obtain it for free by downloading the Powerpoint 2007 Viewer or the Office 2007 compatibility pack. You can also buy it from Fontshop.com.

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