Impressive Epic Backgrounds with Useful Layouts

7 High Resolutions Backgrounds 2500px X 1700px for your web/desktop with an Epic Style.

- Include Layouts and grids to do your best Websites, Business Cards, Professional Wallpapers, and Impressive Presentations.

- 7 great styles with different colors to use what you like more.

· Copper & light green
· Intense lime & blue
· Intense pink & shiny green
· Shiny and colorful blue & pink
· Marine green & shiny blue
· Ocean blue & shiny purple

- Completely modificable and expandable as you need.

- Create your best designs with the best backgrounds.

- Make it yours and put you’re business/personal logo. No one will forgot your site.

- Folders and layers, separated, renamed and ordered optimally.

- Do impressive websites, newsletters, banners, business card or wallpapers.

- Change the colors and intensity easily. You have a few layers to personalize you’re color for each style.

You can see more information and more images about all the styles and colors of the backgrounds, wallpapers and layouts here: