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Animation requirements: Photoshop Extended CS 4, 5 or 6

Please note that the Light rays can be turned off and the background replaced with a solid color thus making the Gif size much smaller and load faster, like the iPhone animation from my previous mock-ups.

Files Included

    • 4PSDs – Dinamic Mock-ups – 2000×1500 px
    • 2PSDs – Xxl Mock-ups – 4000×2000 px
    • 3PSDs – Realistic Mock-ups – 2000×1500 px
    • PSD – iPad Animation – 2088×2088 px
    • Frames folder for the animation preview
    • Instructions
    • Font links: Forte, Nexa and Lobster
    The display smart objects are 2048×1536, except for the xxl Mock-ups that are 3 times their normal size 6144×1536

    Please leave a comment if you dislike something and/or have any issues with this item, and I will fix the problem ASAP and update the current version within 24h.

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