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Just got this and it’s great. Trying to change the depth to make it thicker, how would I go about doing that?

Thanks for purchasing! It needs improvements in all actions. Can’t explain on fingers.

Hey there, great product. I do have a quick question; I can’t seems to OPEN the files. I have CS5 Photoshop. Thanks

Hey there, great product. I do have a quick question; I can’t seems to OPEN the files. I have CS5 Photoshop. Thanks

Dude, The followed your PDF doc., for installation, but still can’t! The CS6 still can’t open the files (Isometric Mock-UP.atn and Isometric_MockUP_styles.asl). What didn’t I do correctly? Awaiting your input!

Hi, Thanks for purchasing! Replied you via email

I too would like to know if you can change the depth of the extrusion?..

If not, where in the action can I customize the action so it does do that?

My question is when it will be possible to use this tool in Photoshop CC?

It works on CC. You have problems with action?

Hi great action! Can’t seem to install the action as suggest in the PDF. Can’t open either files via Files > Open. I use Ps CC.

Please advise.



Thank you very much. Try to do it another way. In Photoshop go to Edit > Presets > Preset Manager, in dropdown list find styles and load them via load button. To load Actions in Actions panel (Window > Actions) click little triangle in the panel then go to Load Actions

Regards Vlad

Great work, sharp quick results and easy to use. Keep up the quality work!

Thank you very much!I am happy you like it :bigsmile:

adobe photoshop cs6 extended , something involved “Base.group cod 16.70-40.1” I got this a lot , why ?! check this out ! http://sunyasoft.com/123.jpg

Hi, Thanks for purchasing! Maybe because you are using not the English version of Photoshop and it may have problems because some action commands are translated into your language. Try it on English version of Photoshop

I buy it and I have Photoshop CC :-( What can i do?

Buy the product and follow the instructions :)

Question- is there a limit on the size of the item that you can apply this too? I am getting some odd cropping on things that are very wide and not very tall.

Nevermind. I adjusted the canvas size in one of the action steps.

Thank you very much for purchasing! Glad that you resolved an issue

This is so nice! Great job. I have started playing with this, is there a way to make the the graphic have NO thickness? So it looks razor thin?

Hello thanks for purchasing! It has an option of thickness control. Please read attached pdf instructions

Hi, I’m very interested in purchasing this product but I have a quick question. What is the difference from these actions and the other identical actions named vol.2? Is it that vol 2 is vertical and these are horizontal actions? Thanks and great work!

Hi Thanks for purchasing! Very sorry for delay, Yes you’re absolutely right, that’s the difference


mdin79 Purchased

Vladuha, this is such a perfect action and to everybody: it works with PS CC 2014 – so now also poor guys like me who cant afford buying CS 6 can make beautiful design with that tool :-) just awesome, thankyou!!

Oh, thank you very much for kind words. It’s very pleasant to me to here, that this tool was helpful for you! :bigsmile:

@mosttriumphant: can you let me know more detail how did you adjust that? I also get some weird cropping when I work with my navbar (1920px x 100px). Vladuha: it’s a great action but I get problem with objects that are “very wide and not very tall.” If it’s possible, please show me how to adjust the action to fix it. Thanks.

Hi, Thank you for purchasing! You need to make little improvement to adjust canvas manually for some cases when picture is very long vertically or horizontally. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wchwhc8cgy4yivz/adjust_canvas.png?dl=0

1. Go to actions panel find action you want to adjust 2. Expand action group 3. Click on “toggle dialog on/off” like in screenshot 4. That’s all when you’ll start action again it will show up dialog in which you can adjust canvas manually.

Good job! But I have some issues when applying the effect for 4 independent images left, it merges all of them into 1 image very same way as when using 1 image effect. Any ideas please?


Thank you for purchasing! When you apply action you don’t need to select all layers. Just select first layer from layers stack and run action. For example, if you have 4 layers select first layer, other 3 have to stay under it, then select action that matches 4 layers. Tell me if that helps?

Regards Vlad

Thank you Vlad, you’re absolutely right! My bad :)

You are welcome! I am glad that it helped :)

Any chance you’ll create a version of this in Illustrator for us Vector-ites? Fingers crossed – this looks so wonderful!

Hello, thank you for your suggestion. Maybe I’ll make an action for Illustrator too in the near future.

Hi, How can I remove the shadow or don’t make the shadow? Thank you


Thank you for purchasing! You can simply disable shadow. Double click on smart object and inside it find layer shadow turn it visibility off and then save document