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At first i thought the glow was to bright.

Then i saw just how easy it was to change it! Great template!

Thank you,


Hi there Jamie!

Thanks very much for the comment and appreciation! I hope you managed to put this to good use (and make your life easier)!

Thank you again :)


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Just purchased. Great design, was actually buying for the wall too. Loved the recessed lighting effect. Just wish I would’ve been able to edit the paint color on the wall and not lose the lighting effect :-(

Maybe you could include the wall and lighting in the PSD as well? Looks like that part comes flattened.

I’ll use Hue/Saturation a bit to lighten the paint color I guess.

Thanks greyham!


Thanks very much cnickless!

I think Hue/Saturation method would be a good way to go about editing the paint colour. If you wanted to add a texture you could also do that by changing the layer style to Overlay or Soft Light and playing around with the transparency levels.

I’m a little busy at the moment but I will probably update this file soon taking into account that suggestion and separating the lighting effect from the paint – I much appreciate the comment!

Thanks as well for the purchase, hope it is a helpful resource for you :)

Best Regards, Graham.

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I rated three stars only because of some of the issues the others above mentioned and that I wanted to use the image for placing HD videos on top of it and found that the ‘screen’ is not the right aspect ratio to properly fit a 16:9 image inside of it without overlapping the edges or having a gap around the edges by being to small.