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Looking foward to purchasing, are they all just straight up vectors/PNG’s that can be put into adobe Photoshop?


Not vectors, All are creative transparent Photoshop layer-groups to be adapted into all canvases . Thanks .

I have already used this a fair amout – it’s been useful making some images sparkle!

To artbees

Are you available for freelance project.

Pls reply

Budget $200


No. Thanks. Good luck.

dmlester Purchased

Great lights. I’m just disappointed that the background layer and text layer was not included in this purchase. I love the online preview so much, I really just wanted to switch the text and use for a flyer.

nkhouli Purchased

Anyone else experience VERY slow load speeds with these files?

Bracgyal Purchased

Yes I’m experience very slow loading speed with these files. Also you could of just turned this into a brush to save us the trouble or doing it ourselves.


We already mentioned the size and load time in representation, plus none of these are possible via brushes, These effects are completely different case than a simple brush layer.

If you dig into the item and compare the results with a brush-based effect, you will learn the fact.

Great job, this takes my graphic work to the next level. Makes your loading time a bit slow, but it was mentioned on the description. I’ll like to see some glow circle versions of this.

Hi graphicriver.net & Artbee!

I have just found this website and the lifetime-light-awesomizers-effects-collection! I am new to Photoshop and wanted a way of creating a great effect, easily.

Thing is, Im stuck! I can’t seem to ‘copy and paste’ the pre-set effects into my images. What am I doing wrong guys? Feel like a doofus but I want to play !!!

Kind regards


Right click on the effect Layer-Folder in Layers palette, choose Duplicate, select the target document and it’s done !

splurt Purchased

Where are the thunders!??


Elements > Stroke 5 : You can use it individually or duplicate it beside the itself to get e thunder effect .


Elements > Strokes&Motions > Stroke 5

Hello, Awesome effects. I have bought this item, and i got 2 sample artworks included in the download file, is it possible to get the rest of them please, please? :)


Unfortunately No. Due to their copyright licenses we can not publish them for free. You can chack out Artbees.Net for descriptive tutorials soon.

Fantastic Job artbees!! Bookmarked :)


Thanks :)

At work I am asked to make a lot of images that “jump off the screen” – these have been incredibly useful to me! Having used them so often, if I had had to buy them at 3x the price I totally would. GREAT resource.

What is your legal opinion on using these in projects that sell for $3-5? Buying a commercial license is $120, but you may only use it in one work. That would obviously lead me a huge loss due to the amount I actually earn from each completed project. Would buying the standard or commercial license only once cover multiple products of this sort?


You must not incorporate the Work in a work which is created for Resale by you or your client. you should buy a new license for each of your distinct productions.

p0wnagee Purchased

I can’t even move a light to another project, the speeds are so slow.


Which specific file you have problem with?

p0wnagee Purchased

The motions


The pack is Large as stated in preview. When the file is opened, zoom in to %100, Select the effect so the respective layerFolder is selected in layer palette, right-click on it and choose Duplicate, and duplicate it to an existing or empty canvas then customize it upon your needs.

Hello, I have just bought these magnificent effects but the file containing vectors to thunder is empty, I have all the rest except these thuders effects, how to obtain him(it)? Saddened for my bad English, I speak French! Thank you for your help(assistant) and your answer


Hello Cambodia!

It shouldn’t have any problem. Please re-download the pack and let me know the results.

And thanks you for your shopping !

bonjour, je vous remercie de m’avoir répondu , je l’ai télécharger une fois de plus, mais il me manque toujours certains fichiers mais rien de grave, je trouve ce pack magnifique et juste magique pour travailler mes photos !!! merci à vous pour ce travail de qualité !!! je reviendrai vous acheter d’autres pack c’est certain !!! :-)


Hello Cambodia, Yes. Google Translate didn’t work for me too ! :)

Please re-try or ask a friend to write for you. (S’il vous plaît réessayer ou demandez à un ami d’écrire pour vous.)

Can i not buy this as an extended license? Im looking to place this on youtube backgrounds for people, mine aswell as others where i will probably charge the person i create the background for my time, but it will sometimes include some of this work in the background, aswell as i’d like to use some of the elements in my videos on my own channel as popup graphics, whichi am partnered with Curse, and do generate revenue from those videos.

Any help on the subject as to which license this will fall under, and if the extended license, how do i go about getting it?


Hi there,

Your inquiry is awaiting response from Envato. We will respond shortly.



Dear BurstCraftGaming

This is Envato’s official response regarding your inquiry: ” Thank you for your message to Envato Support. Great questions. Honestly, I think that the majority of their intended uses, even though they’re making money as a YouTube partner, probably falls under a regular license, similarly to AudioJungle or VideoHive.


The Regular License could be used for any of the following— “Single free podcast series (e.g. YouTube, iTunes, etc.).” -AudioJungle Extended license usage example “Single free online video such as a free tutorial, animation, cartoon or YouTube™ video.” – VideoHive Extended license usage example

http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Live/Knowledgebase/Article/View/393/70/audiojungle-license-usage-examples http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Live/Knowledgebase/Article/View/397/70/videohive-license-usage-examples

So depending on the context of their usage, and how many projects they wanted to use it it, they would just need to purchase a regular license for each different use.

If you want, you can point them to our license documentation on our Knowledgebase here: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List/Index/70/licensing

*Disclaimer: We are not legal experts and so we still recommend that a buyer contacts a legal professional for assistance if they are unsure which license would be suitable for their needs.

Warm Regards, Brad “

In summary it seems you should buy a separate regular license for ‘each and every’ usage.

Thanks for asking us your question Good luck .

Amazing work mate, if you don’t mind me asking how did you make these? All photoshop, or 3d programs?


Thanks Mike ! All was done by Photoshop .