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Fake HDR easily with Magic HDR actions and find every unseen detail!

What`s inside:

- 2 base effect actions to increase details/local contrast: regular and “HDR-like”. These actions use special technique based on reversed surface blur, what allows to increase local contrast without “glowing edges”. Radius/treshold of the effect is easily adjustable. Second action, “HDR-Like”, create “flat” image before adding local contrast to give more details in shadows and highlights.

- 8 actions for additional, automagic enhancments:

-“High contrast” – add dramatic contrast

-“Softness” – and “Vibrant softness” – add subtle smoothness/vibrant tone

-“Brighten” – add “high key” look

-“B&W” – convert to black and white

-“Vintage” – add modern vintage tone

-“Warm” and “Cold” – adjust tones, easily adjustable to any tone

You can mix them and get many different results.

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