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nokiko Purchased

very nice bought it now i need a project for it :)

one thing

this was also just released ( no action just files ) but they do resemble your map ad-dons quite a bit


Thanks for purchasing! I am glad that it was pleasant to you :bigsmile:

P.S Don’t be worry about this add-ons that looks similar. This is also pleasant. :)

Hey dude im sorry but im having some issues with this.

I loaded your style and your 2 actions

My psd has 1 layer unlocked – once I choose one of the actions I get a error message saying “The command “Expand” is not currently available.”

Any suggestions?


Hi buddy! Thanks for purchasing. It is a pity to me that this problem had appeared to you. I can’t imagine what the hell it was but I try to help you. Make sure that you use CS3 and higher. You must select layer before you run the action. The layer must be not a background. Layer mustn’t be the full area of the workspace. If this not helpful to you try again and we will cut this problem out.

Great actions and very nice extras. Beautiful and professional finished item. Thanks!


Very many thanks to you! I probably wish that my project will help you in your works or project!

I’m not a designer, so I have a question…

Could I make a map with the Pins, etc…and have them be in a graphic that I use as a home page of a website?

Would they be clickable?

What do you think about using a smaller version as a website Menu?

I really like your artwork.

Do you ever do PSDs for websites?

Do you have a portfolio? What is your rate?


Thanks for purchasing. I’m glad that you like it. All you want is possible. For more details please contact me through feedback form and we will discuss your project. http://graphicriver.net/user/Vladuha

Amazing result! Bravo for this idea!


Thank you much!

Well done sir! also love the presentation. Good luck with the sales :)


Thanks much! :bigsmile:

Nice action, bookmarked!


Thanks much! It is pleasant :bigsmile:

Love this…just having an issue though. When I run it I get these errors…

1. standing.inside.shadow.left is not currently available 2. standing.inside.shadow.right not currently available 3. dark.part not currently available 4. inside.shadow.drop.left not currently available 5. inside.shadow.outside.right not currently available

What should I do?


Hello, thanks for purchasing! You didn’t load styles that’s why this problem occured. Load styles and brushes and then select text layer and click run.

This is both brilliant and GENIUS !!!!!! 8-)


Thanks very much this is pleasant for me! :bigsmile:


Thank you very much Miroslav! :bigsmile:

babielo Purchased

I am using your actions right now using phtooshop 5.1.

There are errors in the action where it says “Apply” or “Expand” is not available. The final action of seeing the folded paper never happens, even if I ran all your actions one by one.

Please take a look to see if this is compatible with the latest version of photoshop..because I can’t use this purchase.


Hello! Thanks for purchase. This action compatible with CS3 CS4 and CS5 Photoshop versions. You can see it from this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnsf9UvLPhw Maybe you do something wrong? Make sure you load styles and actions. And when you start your action you choose the layer first. The layer must not be the background, it must be a layer. And I did not test the action when the image fill all work area, maybe make the work area more bigger than your image. I think you have the full area image and expanding function can’t find a way to expand the image selection. I hope that it will be helpful for you. If not ask again we will decide an issue.

UPDATE : I’ve fixed this the image/layer was the full size of the canvas.

Hi I’ve just purchased this and I’m getting the error message: “The command “Expand” is not currently available?

I take it this is something I’m doing wrong?


Hi Adam!

Seems like expanding tool can’t find a way to expand that’s why you’re getting an error message. Start an action for pictures that less size of working area. If it is not helpful we will try again :)

Hello, do u have a tutorial how the map creator functions work?


No I haven’t got a tutorial yet! ;)

skinni Purchased

It’s normal to take a long time to generate the map?


Yes it is normal, don’t be afraid. It occupies from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

skinni Purchased

And after all, it appears a blank layer…

How can I solve this?


hm… this is very strange. What version of Photoshop do you use? 1.make sure you load all styles 2. make sure that image is not a full area of workspace 3. make sure you select image layer before you start action 4. Make sure the image is not a background

very nice.. :)


Thank you! :bigsmile:

nagareth Purchased

This is really a Brilliant and very good work!


Thank you very much for good words! :bigsmile:

deamon Purchased

Hi, great action, i had like some here the same prob with the same errors: expand not avaible… i choose a bigger workspace and it works all now and i only can say:

WOW , superb, beautiful and a real killeraction!

thx a lot for this masterpiece!

greetings, deamon


Thank you very much deamon! :bigsmile:

potgied Purchased

Really amazing!!

Bought and used! Thank you!


Thanks for purchasing! Thank YOU !

Man, i don´t know what i´m doing wrong here, but after all i´m getting a very weird result… a deformated map…

Could check this for me? http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/2555/strangeogi.jpg

1.make sure you load all styles 2. make sure that image is not a full area of workspace 3. make sure you select image layer before you start action 4. Make sure the image is not a background