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Hey very poor ranking…. I want to know the problems or reasons… please … if you can post the reasons here.. I will update it… with all the improvements…

thanks for the comments…. :)

astini Purchased

you should add an automatic management perspectives.


I will …. thanks :)

benz3980 Purchased

I guess i purchased prematurely by not reading. This needs a smart object feature.


No… it’s not mandatory…. you can use move tool… then resize it…. If you face any problem then feel free to mail me…I’ll defiantly solve that.. thanks for purchasing….. :)

I have updated the file.. new features are included and now it’s even more better and fast.. I have added smart object feature and extra options.. For purchaser, download it again from your profile’s download page.. Thanks.. :D

Re-rating option are now available .. you can go to your profile’s download page and re-rate the items you purchased before… hope I’ll get some good rating.. ;)

Hi There,

I have Photoshop CS#. The Flyers are not positioning correctly. Am I my doing something wrong or the file is not compatible with CS3 ? I can send you a picture so you understand a little better.

Thanks in advance for any help!



thanks for purchasing my product. :)

yes, it’s compatible. If you can send me a picture it will be very helpful to understand.. send me a mail :)

Don’t worry your problem will be fixed ASAP !

Have a nice day.

Thanks for the fast response!

Here is the link with the pic http://www.manuelajernigan.com/images/pics.jpg

Thanks in advance. Manuela


Hmm.. that’s looking odd :O .. there is a problem..

which one [1-5] you used? and did you change or edit something without replacing “flyer holder” layer smart object ?? ..

I think we should talk in mail.. it will be more easy.. mail me to sktanveerahmed23@yahoo.com or from my profile page..

Thank you. :)

simply elegant :)


Thanks :D

such a great work buddy


Thanks :)