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Movie Classics - Text Effects

Movie Classics - Text Effects

File Description:
8 unique text effects inspired by some of the greatest and most recognisable movie titles ever!

File Contents:

  • Fully editable, named & organised master .psd file.
  • A photoshop .asl file including all 8 styles.
  • Demo folder – containing brief instructions on editing the file, installing the .asl file and documentation including links to the fonts used.

The 8 styles included are inspired by a classic movie of each genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Action, War, Fantasy, Horror, Crime & Family. Can you tell what movies they are?

Adventure Movie – Safari Regular
Sci-Fi Movie – Star Jedi
Action Movie – Invisible Killer
War Film – Bebas Neue
Fantasy The Movie – Crom
The Horror – Bebas Neue
CrimeFilm – Robofan Free
The Family Film – Bebas Neue

Thanks for taking the time to view my latest offering!
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