Multi Heroes Mascot Creation Kit Ver. 2.0

  • Package update to ver 2.0!

This Multi Heroes Mascot can be use for any purpose such as presentation, product mascot, T-shirt design, Avatar, Comic/Game/Cartoon Character and many more.

Use show/hide (eye icon) layer to customize the mascot. Each item/appearance are separated by grouped layer. Double click smart object layer if you want to edit or adjust. Open Layer style by double click ‘fx’ icon to customize colour appearance.

Created using Photoshop cs6 with older version compatible. Tested on CS4/CS5/CS6. Take note, some features may not working properly or disable if you are using older version photoshop such as CS3/CS2/CS. It’s because certain layer may use advance effect/filter from higher photoshop version such as puppet warp or 3D. It’s recommended to use same or higher version photoshop than CS4. In case of questions simply ask me at the comment section. I will try to help you. And don’t forget to rate. Thank You.

  • Both Gladiator appearance and Multi Heroes Creation Kit logo are not available and just for promoting purpose only. Gladiator can be achieve by combining several heroes class.
  • Whats new in ver2.0?
    1. Added 2 new costume (bruce lee & mr pumpkinhead)
    2. Added dark skin color
    3. Added red eyes
    4. Added 2 character shadow style
    5. Added 4 new background
    6. minor update on layer name
    7. minor update on smart object (polishing character basic body and face)
    8. Added 5 new png ready to use image