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That’s it! Beautiful!


Thanks so much :-)

The Best Magazine Template on Marketplace. Period.


Wow thanks…! Glad you think so :-)

Wow, that’s a great one and I tend to agree with joeBanana :)


Thanks… I’ll have to make more then :-D

Really nice work! Best of luck with sales, keep making these items so much and you will be elite before you know it!


Thanks Mike..! I sure hope so. Would be awesome :-)

Amazing, I would buy it! :-)


Cool. Thanks Michael :-) I’ll cross my fingers, others will too ;-)

Great work, like always!


Thanks, Andrej :-)

Dude, this thing is a beast! It looks beautiful. We just purchased your “Corporate Business Brochure” and hope you sell many, many more. Good luck on sales and an outstanding job! Much respect.


Thanks so much for the nice comment..! And thanks even more for the purchase ;-)

jmeade_1 Purchased

I purchased this file and downloaded it. I am unable to extract the files, receiving a message that the file is invalid. I attempted just saving the file and also received a message that the file is in valid. GraphicRiver’s response to my request for help was to contact the designer. Therefore I am contacting you. I would like this file so I hope that you’re able to help me get the proper download promptly.



Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble unzipping the file. It is most likekly something to do with your extracting program, or a bug in the download. The file should work.

1) Try downloading it again. 2) Try another extract program til extract the zip file 3) Or supply me with your email, and I’d be happy to send you the file over email if that can help.

I hope you get it sorted out. Otherwise let me know, and I’ll find another way to send you the files. You have paid for it, so of course we’ll find a soloution to get it to you :-)

All the best Simon

jmeade_1 Purchased

Another download I made the same morning worked fine, as have all of my other purchases from GR. Just one of thoese things this time.

Other methods I’ve tried have all failed. Is there an email where I can contact you directly? I would prefer that my email not be on a public message board please.

I’m sure we can find a solution. I do appreciate your willinginess to help.



Hi again Julia,

Please go to my profile page, and e-mail me from there. http://graphicriver.net/user/simon-cph

That way no email adresses will be posted here. I’ll make you a new ZIP and mail it to you, once I have your mail.

All the best Simon

Awesome design.!


Thanks very much.

naytchh7 Purchased

Just purchased this and if you know what’s good for ya, you’ll do the same! This is very well done, very professional. You will not be disappointed!


Thanks so much for the very nice comment. Glad you like the magazine. :-)

Dear Simon,

I’ve just bought this template and wanted to congratulate you on the design and the amount of effort you’ve put into the manual. Keep up the good work!

Yet, I wanted to let you know that your project is not that useful for any magazine written in any languages other than English as the fonts you’ve used in your design do not have diacritical marks.

As much as I’m loving your original work and would not want to mess too much with your project, I would like to know what is your opinion on the font replacements one could use instead the original fonts. Which CE fonts would you choose to replace them? Perhaps you yourself would be willing to make another version that is Central European compatible (there’s a certain market for that kind of option)?

Thanks in advance for your opinion. Best regards,



Hi M,

Thanks for buying my template, and for the nice words.

Which of the three fonts used, are missing the letters you need? I can see from your profile, that you are from Poland, so I’m guessing it is some characters unique for the polish language?

I myself is living in a European country, with some special characters for my own language. And they are included in the fonts used in this magazine template. So I was hoping they would also include special national characters for most other European countries.

To make the magazine as useful and inexpensive to get started with for buyers, I have used free fonts only. But sometimes free fonts are unfortunately not as developed when it comes to special characters, as many paid fonts are.

But if you let me know the characters you are missing and which of three fonts we are talking about, I will be happy to search and find some free font suggestions for you, that would include these characters, and that would still work great with the magazine design.

In Indesign, it’s really easy to change a font throughout an entire document, and at the same time change the character and paragraph styles, so that you with just a few clicks, have changed a specific font everywhere in the magazine. Maybe you already know how to do this. If not, I’ll be glad to tell you how to easily do this, with the font we find for you to use.

If needed, I will also be happy to supply you with a new Indesign file, where I have done this for you.

All the best, and have a nice weekend. Simon

Thank you for your response!

Polish alphabet has unique 9 polish diacritics (more info http://www.twardoch.com/download/polishhowto/intro.html) and sadly none of your fonts include them. Fonts that do are usually descirbed as the Central Europe Fonts. Would you like to suggest which free fonts one should use as a replacement (yes, I know how to do with Indesign > find fonts).

Best, M.


Hi again,

I have found some font replacements for you, and will email you about this.

All the best Simon

Hi Simon. I downloaded this file and I absolutely LOVE it! Beautiful design which anyone can see from the preview photos. But what they cant see is how cleanly structured the files are and how great the help file is. Congratulations on a really nice piece of work and thanks for a great file! All the very best with the sales.



Hi Maya. Thanks you SO much for those really nice words. I’m glad you love the template, and also really happy that it comes through, that I spent time structuring everything to make it as usable as possible. Thanks again :-) PS: Another magazine is on it’s way ;-)

awesome design


Thanks :-)

yoyo33 Purchased

Hy Simon,

I buy your great template but I can open with my Cs 5.5 InDesign your version for : Magazine A4 – for Indesign CC.indd ???

Thank for your Help


Hi there,

Thanks for buying my magazine template. Much appreciated! :-)

The file “Magazine A4 – for Indesign CC.indd” is for the Indesign version called “CC” – the newest version (maybe it should have been called CS7, because it’s the one that comes after the CS6 version.

That’s why you can’t open that file. It’s for a much newer version of Indesign.

You should use the file (located in the same folder) called “Magazine A4 – for Indesign CS4 or later”. That will open fine in Indesign CS5.5

Thanks again

Simon :-)

Shafura Purchased

Perfect layout, I love it. thanks simon :)


Thanks a lot. And thanks for buying it :-) Simon